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Zhen Ragnarok Online
Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:23 pm by Admin
Welcome to Zhen-RO


DOWNLOAD Lite ZhenROv.3.2



Server Info Players Online:
PK mode server
24/7 Online, Dedicated to bring you fun and enjoyment
Custom Drop Rates
Custom Skill Effects
Server's officially up since "June 29 2012"
Dedicated Server
Server Located (at Los Angeles California)
Stable Server

Basic Information
3rd Classes Implemented(Custom Skills)
Custom Necromancer Class
Max Base Lvl: 255
Max Job Lvl: 120
Base Exp: 15000x
Job Exp: 15000x
Item Droprate: 100%
Equip Drop: 20%
Card Drop: 20%
MVP Card Drop: 5%
MVP Equip Drop: 20%
Max Stats: 255
Max ASPD: 196
Languages Supported: English, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese

Custom NPC
Job Changer
Dungeon Warper
Town Warper

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 What is LAG? Why do you experience LAG? How to reduce it?

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PostSubject: What is LAG? Why do you experience LAG? How to reduce it?   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:52 am

What is Lag?

The lag synonim of SGU (Space of Graphical Update)
it's the delay produced in a telecommunication
that impedes the normal development of the same one,
provoking disorientation or inconvenience in the user.
While any communication at distant involves a certain delay in the arrival of the messages,
the term "lag" is applied when this delay is the sufficiently prolonged
like to impede the interaction between the users
and to make the lack of simultaneity evident.

Factors that intervene in the lag

- Capacity of your PC

Minimal Requirements: - Windows XP
- CPU: Pentium
- 500 or equivalent (AMD CPU, Celeron)
- Memory: 128 MB
- Video: Card VGA with 8 MB of memory
- Sound: Compatible with Direct Sound

Optimal Requirements: - Windows XP
- CPU: Pentium
- 700 or Superior
- Memory: 256MB
- Video: Card VGA with 32 MB of memory
- Sound: Compatible with DirectSound

- Excess of opened tasks.

It is very probable that while you play
you have opened programs that eat resources of ram and Internet speed,
because of it, before nothing, insure yourself of having the minimum of opened programs,
if possible have only the game open.

- Bad connection to Internet.

The ideal speed to play RO perfectly would be 512kb,
and to check that your connection works correctly,
you can verify it with a speed test [Google it].

- The distance between your PC and the server.

If the distance between the server and your PC is very big the ping probably will suck,
therefore it will be late in receiving the response of the server.

Methods to reduce the lag.

1. We will start by optimizing the PC in general,
for it we must consider all the time it passed from it last formatting,
and if the case is very extreme to apply a new one.

2. If it turns out to you impossible to format or your case is not so xtreme,
then we must do general clean in our PC,
beginning for uninstalling programs that we do not use:

My PC - add or to remove programs

3. Once uninstalled all the unnecessary programs
we must know that always there remains of these programs in our PC,
for it I recommend to you an utility called RegSeeker[google it]
or any other utility that cleans the registry of dead entrykies.
And last, use the liberating of space on disc:

Secondary button to local Disc C: - Properties - liberate space on disc

4. Do a checkup with your antivirus,
also spyware eats many Internet speed, this point is important.

5.Defragment your PC, is advisable to defragment once a week in order that your computer runs well.

Secondary button to local Disc C: - Properties - Tools - Defragment now

With this we have just optimized our PC,
now we are going to play with the configurations of the RO.
Having lowered the quality of the game we reduce the quantity of information that needs to be updated,
therefore we reduce lag. We go to our folder of ro and locate the file Setup.exe.

1.The first thing that we can modify is the sound,
we start by lowering a bit the quality changing " Use 3D Sound " to " Use 2D Sound ",
also we can change the frequency of "22k" to "11k", as the sound bits of " 16 bit " to " 8 bit ".
If you prefer it you can remove the audio completely changing of " Use 3D Sound " to " Not Sound ".

We go with the graphs, to begin we can play a bit with the resolution
adapting it until it remains comfortable for our monitor.
Also we can disable the following options: Use Lightmap and Enable Fog.
Also we can fit the Sprite Detail and the Texture Detail

Well that's all, it's just a really basic guide to help you get free of the annoying lag, thus, i added no links for the registry cleaner utility, you can google it really quick.
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GM ThugZ

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PostSubject: Re: What is LAG? Why do you experience LAG? How to reduce it?   Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:58 pm

LAG - LAGING AYAW GUMALAW.. simple as that.. you don't need to copy paste it in google hehehe..
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What is LAG? Why do you experience LAG? How to reduce it?
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